Series 2, Episode 6
Decent Work in Your Workplace

Dramatic changes in the world of work are igniting new visions and strategies for decent work everywhere. Together, unionized and non-unionized workers alike are part of a movement to rebalance power and to create a future characterized by greater equality. In this episode, Ausma talks to Sarah Hoy and Fahmida Kamali, two young workers in the Ontario Public Service, to hear about their vision for decent work, millennial leadership, and inclusion in the public service. This episode was recorded LIVE! at the AMAPCEO Workplace Representatives Conference.

Sarah Hoy is a young worker and union activist, passionate about social justice. She works as a Program Analyst in the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services and is the co-chair of the Young Workers’ Caucus of AMAPCEO.

Fahmida Kamali is a Senior Advisor working at the intersection of tech, inclusion, and policy innovation in the Ontario Digital Service. She is also the founder of ‘PS, I’m Muslim,’ a community for Muslims working in the public sector to connect and strategize for inclusion.

Get Connected

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PS I’m Muslim is connecting Muslims across the public sector, at all levels of government. You can also find Fahmida’s deck on Ramadan here.


Fahmida talks about her work as servant leadership – you can learn more about it here.

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